Profile image of Lee Wiggins

Lee Wiggins

Lead Pastor


Pastor Lee is the church-equivalent of an entrepreneur. He can dream of things that have never been attempted, see the finished product in his mind, and then lead his team through the steps to make it a reality. His main passion, however, is to preach the Bible. God has gifted Pastor Lee with the ability to communicate the truth of His Word, resulting in almost 30 years of incredible ministry, marked by spiritual and numerical growth. Pastor Lee and his wife Anne are often found spending a lot of their free time at church because to them, ministry is both a job and a hobby. (If you care to know, he received his M.Div. from Western Seminary in Portland, OR.)

Profile image of Bill Bateman

Bill Bateman

Pastor of Global Outreach


Pastor Bill probably knows someone you know. Maybe it's from being involved with so many missionaries, both local and international, for so long. Then again, maybe he's just THAT popular. It always cracks us up when he meets someone for the first time and discovers (once more...) that they have friends in common. Pastor Bill and his wife Debbie served at Black Forest Academy in Germany for 13 years before coming back to head up the Global Outreach position at Calvary. We are thankful to have a pastor who understands firsthand what it's like to be on the mission field and is so great at getting others involved.

Profile image of Britt Carpenter

Britt Carpenter

Director of Children's Ministry


This girl knows how to make an entrance. Britt typically bursts onto the scene with a huge smile, energy, and excitement. And that's just how she comes into work each day. You should see her in action with our KidzJAM ministry! Britt inspires our leaders and volunteers to create the most engaging, fun-filled learning environments for kids up through 5th grade. Between Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, the "Orange" curriculum Britt has instituted with her staff has lit our children's ministry on fire. Because of her efforts and God's blessing, Calvary is THE place for kids to learn about the Bible and to find Jesus personally!

Profile image of Michael Edelman

Michael Edelman

Pastoral Care


Well, Pastor Mike isn't going to like this write-up very much. That's because he prefers to quietly move in the background, under the radar, stealthily moving mountains for the Kingdom of God. But we thought you'd like to know a little about him. Pastor Mike prays for you like no one else. Submit a prayer request to the church, and Pastor Mike will pray for you. Every single day. And when you meet him for the first time after submitting a request, he will know you instantly, remembering how he has prayed for your need. Pastor Mike and his wife Jill do a tremendous job at discipling, praying for, and mentoring people at Calvary. 

Profile image of John Lawley

John Lawley

Pastor of Student Ministries


He's not just the Pastor of Student Ministries, he's also an extreme encourager. You can't have a bad day around Pastor John. You can try, but he will say something that makes you feel just great. So give it up. He also takes good pictures, which is why we had a hard time choosing just one for the web. Not many youth pastors are photogenic, so it seemed appropriate to point out this rare trait. John and his wife Ashley care about each student who comes through the doors, whether during the week after school, on Wednesday nights, or on Sundays. Catch Pastor John sometime and thank him for making such a difference in the lives of our students!

Profile image of Stephanie Rousselle

Stephanie Rousselle

Women's Ministry Lead


What is that accent, you ask? It's French. That's right... Stephanie is our resident Parisian staff member. And even though she doesn't believe us, we all know that we listen to her not merely for the amazing words that come out of her mouth, but because her accent is just stupendous. Besides her professional career in the business world, she has also been a teacher, a founding member of a French Speaking Congregation in France, and has discipled women from half a dozen cultures and languages. This wife and mother loves dark chocolate and cooking, which is another reason we like her so much! She helps women become passionate about getting to know Christ and discovering Scripture.

Profile image of Bob VanArsdale

Bob VanArsdale

Pastor of Care Ministries


The very first time you meet Pastor Bob, you will likely sense that he is one of the most caring people you've ever met. If you have a friend of a friend who needs a pastor, Bob will probably show up at their house, spend half the day with them, and know them better than most of their relatives do by the time he leaves. He is the epitome of a person who loves individuals. Bob and his wife Beth touch so many lives in so many ways every single week at Calvary. As a bonus, if you're feeling extra tall, Pastor Bob's 6'5" frame can provide some much needed camaraderie.