Behind the Scenes

Something Only God Could Do

There's no way you can manufacture this.

We've dreamed of and prayed for it, but this past Sunday we found out the Lord did it. You see, we've longed for Calvary to be a multi-cultural church, reaching out to and enjoying the company of people from many diverse cultures and backgrounds. We've felt like it's been happening, but it's hard to quantify something like that. 

You should have been in the Green Room after church last Sunday.

It was our monthly "Meet + Greet" for anyone relatively new to Calvary. Our pastors and elders were gathered, ready to make new acquaintances. However, they were taken aback by the beautiful picture that greeted them both hours. 

It was like God confirmed the blessing of diversity right then and there. Among the record-breaking number of people who participated, we met the most wonderful:

South Africans

One of these couples who were visiting for the very first time that morning said to us, "We looked around your service today and realized that THIS is truly a multi-cultural church. That's what we've been looking for."

And that's not the end of the story.

Beyond the thrilling mixture of people and cultures represented, we also met some newcomers who were searching specifically for a church that was solid in Bible teaching and doctrine. More than one family asked us about our doctrine statement so they could be assured that Calvary is true to the Word of God. 

Another couple told us they drive almost an hour every Sunday to come to Calvary because of the Bible teaching. 

It was like a little piece of heaven.

Matthew 16:18 quotes Jesus saying, "...I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." We know the One who builds the church, and it's not us! Jesus has opened the floodgates of blessings on Calvary as He builds HIS church. We can tell it's happening because it's starting to reflect more and more what Heaven will look like someday.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Calvary and our surrounding communities.

This week don't forget to invite someone, too! It may make a difference in eternity. We can truly say, "ALL are welcome."




Just Sleep On It

We almost didn't write a blog today.

That's because sometimes God's Spirit moves in astounding ways, but it's personal. Not something you'd want to share with the masses. We've probably all been in situations like that before. So everything we encountered this week was one of those, "Awww, that's a fantastic story, but they don't really want it shared" types of deals. 

At the last minute we decided to roll with this one, but we're going to keep the details of it very general. We know you'll understand.

It all started with brand new Christians reaching out to their unsaved friends.

One couple has only known the Lord for less than a year. You can tell their faith is real, because it has radically changed their lives. They're burdened for their unsaved friends. 

They spent Monday evening sharing Christ with one of these friends. However, the friend wasn't ready to accept Jesus.

Yesterday a person walked into the church holding the "Say YES to Jesus" card. 

One of our pastors intercepted this person and sat down to talk. The visitor explained that friends (guess who?) had presented the gospel the night before, and it hadn't made sense at all. 

When this person woke up that morning, however, it completely clicked. Made total sense. The person immediately responded by praying to receive Christ. They did it all alone and wanted to talk to a pastor to see where they could begin to serve. 

How could we not share that??

Do you carry the "Say YES to Jesus" card with you? Be sure to grab a couple on Sunday mornings, because you never know when God will open a door for you to share the ABC's of salvation with someone. Be inspired to watch for opportunities even today. 

Thank you, Jesus, for moving in our lives here at Calvary. We'll never forget what You're doing right now!

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