Behind the Scenes

Baptisms in 2015

Come behind the scenes with us and see God moving at Calvary!

Since January, 2015, we've seen a wave of baptisms. In fact, we've baptized 68 people so far this year! How does a church see that many baptisms occur in such a short period of time? Simple: People heard the words of Scripture. They got out of their seats. And they proclaimed their commitment to Jesus Christ in front of the world.

Do you have goosebumps yet?!

Here's a little info you might not know.

This past spring, our preteens had the opportunity to choose a 3-week side course to learn about baptism. At the end, many of them chose to be baptized. We roped off about 5 rows right in the front of the auditorium for the families of these young people, and those families packed it out. It was incredible to watch 10, 11, and 12 year-olds publicly declare their faith in Christ as they were baptized.

While this was going on, our younger children were quietly brought out of their classrooms to the balcony. Dozens of pairs of little eyes watched in amazement as their older friends and siblings went under the waters of baptism. It opened up an array of questions and answers, with such sweet opportunities for teachers to interact about the subject of baptism with these younger kids.

One of these younger children was whisked out of the balcony just before his mom was baptized.

This little boy went up on the stage with his mom's small group, standing in love and support as she was baptized. No one will ever forget this child jumping up and down, cheering and clapping when she came out of the water.

But his mom wasn't the only "surprise" of the morning!

Dozens of people spontaneously decide to be baptized each time we give the opportunity.

In order to give opportunity for anyone believing in Jesus alone for salvation to be baptized, we provide t-shirts, shorts, and a brief time to speak with a pastor/elder. Anyone who can give clear testimony to salvation through Jesus alone is released to the baptismal tank to follow the Lord in obedience.

Each time we've had baptisms this year, we've had at least one person come to saving faith in Jesus THAT MORNING and immediately follow it up by being baptized. A more biblical model cannot be found! How incredible to be part of the moving of God's Spirit like this.

It's been fantastic to follow up with the newer converts to faith in Jesus, watching them grow in their faith, and encouraging them as they walk with Christ.

Seeing people come to Christ has to be one of the best parts of the Christian life.

Watching them follow in obedience is the icing on the cake. Be on the lookout for opportunities to share Jesus with friends this week. God's Spirit is moving at Calvary, and we're amazed to be part of it! Thank you, Jesus.



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