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The Power of a Verse

What verse has been really influential in your life?

We love to hear people answer this question because it makes us feel like we know them so much better afterward.

When Fanny Zappy's Story of Faith video was played on Sunday (watch below if you missed it!), we knew what we had to ask her.

In her video, she mentioned how she struggled with the idea of always trying to be perfect and how overwhelmed she was with the thought of maintaining her perfection.

As she continued to seek a relationship with God, she started reading the book of Matthew. Fanny realized she wasn't meant to be perfect, that she was a sinner and it was okay to mess up sometimes. She said knowing God had her back took a huge weight off her shoulders.

So we asked her, was there a particular verse that helped you feel that way?
Yes! Let me read it to you. *Laughs as she pulls out her phone* My Bible app opened right up to the verse, that's how much I refer back to it for encouragement!
Matthew 11:28-30 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

We want to ask you the same question! Send us an email and let us know what verses have been influential in your life. Share a quick story with it if you'd like. We can't wait to be encouraged by your inspiring Scripture verses!
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What Did Fanny Say?

Was anyone else left wanting to know more after watching Joe Zappy’s Story of Faith Video this past Sunday? (Didn’t catch the video? Watch it below!)

Wait until you read the behind-the-scenes questions we got to ask Joe. He has such a cool story and you’re going to love his answers.

And be sure to come watch Fanny’s video this Sunday to find out her side of the story, plus how Joe’s actions changed not only his life, but her life too!

Calvary Fellowship: First, I think we’re all dying to know, since Fanny wasn’t a believer, how did she react when you told her you got baptized?

Joe Zappy: She was surprised, but in an excited way. There was never really any negativity that came from her about it. She has always been supportive towards me and my decisions. I think she was a little shocked, but overall supportive and glad to know that I was going towards a positive path. 

CF: After you told her, were you glad you got baptized?

JZ: Absolutely. Having her support reinforced that getting baptized was a "good" decision, in a way. I was certainly nervous about her reaction, and I didn't want this life changing decision to become somewhat of a wedge between us. But overall I was confident in our relationship.

CF: How did your baptism change your relationship?

JZ: Committing my life to God definitely strengthened our relationship in so many ways. I think the easiest way to explain this is that God taught me to die to myself. There are so many things in life that you do selfishly, that you don't even recognize are selfish, until you really understand what God did for you. If someone who I've never met could sacrifice their life for my eternal salvation, why can't I do the same for a person that I actually know and claim to be in love with. Am I really showing this person love, or do I have some sort of unintentional selfish agenda? 

CF: How have you two been getting involved at Calvary?

JZ: We've been trying multiple avenues both individually and together. We want to strengthen our relationship with God first, and then let that strength in the Lord express itself in our relationship. Our first step was going to the Membership Connect with Pastor Mike. We learned what Calvary's mission is, some more on the doctrine, and how we can get "plugged-in” essentially. From there we both decided to join the Newlyweds class. We originally joined to meet couples around our age, but found it overwhelmingly valuable. We learned so much about God's design for marriage and were able to identify weaknesses in our relationship we didn't really understand were weaknesses previously. Fanny joined a Women's Bible Study and I joined a Men's Bible Study so we could have some independent growth as well. We've tried a couple other things like volunteering in the Student Ministry and meeting in a couple different Small Groups. Some of them worked out, some of them didn't. But we really wanted to try a variety of different ways to become involved and just let them work themselves out as God saw fit for us.  

CF: What’s your favorite way to meet new Christians?

JZ: Personally I meet so many Christians at my office. I run a local Chiropractic office in Downingtown and since coming to the Lord I play worship music all day long in my reception room. That invites conversation about the Lord with my patients and it's really fun to fellowship with patients. It's also a great opportunity to witness and minister to the community. I often have people in my office discuss personal issues given the private nature of our visits, and when they open their hearts in the room it's an easy opportunity to fill it with the Holy Spirit. Other than that, we've met many Christians through the many different avenues at Calvary. 

CF: Is there anything that wasn’t said in the video that you would like people to know?

JZ: I'd love people to know that whether you have been a Christian your whole life, or you are new to knowing God's loving presence in your life, it's never too late to tell someone about Jesus. Your children, your spouse, your mother or father, your friends, co-workers, complete strangers, they are all God's children. If you feel like you've missed an opportunity to share the Gospel with someone, reading this is your second chance! Call them on the phone, go to their house, send them a message, tell them everything you can about God. It might just change their life.

Joe and Fanny are such a fun-loving couple and we can’t wait for you to watch Fanny’s Story of Faith this Sunday!

Joe Zappy | Story of Faith | 08.28.2016 from CFDowningtown on Vimeo.

Do you also want to get baptized? We're having another Baptism Sunday on October 16. Email Pastor Mike to let him know you're interested or to get more information!

Pastor Mike

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