Behind the Scenes

1,000 Shoeboxes

Christmas is on the way for 1,000 poverty-stricken children... straight from the heart of Calvary. 

If you didn't have a chance to stick around after the 11AM service last Sunday morning, you missed one of the most touching, most moving scenes we've ever beheld here. Well over 200 people packed a thousand shoeboxes to send somewhere in the world . 

But Sunday was just the culmination of many weeks' work by our volunteers.

Where do we even start? Over 30 people met every Monday afternoon to sort and repackage the thousands of items you donated. These volunteers ranged in age from 30-90 years old and worked together like a well-oiled machine. A lot of laughter and chatter accompanied the bagging soap and washcloths, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and of course lots of candy. They also managed to assemble 1,000 shoeboxes!  

The heart of these volunteers was so evident throughout the process.

Some of you placed Operation Christmas Child display tables in your places of  business during weekdays. Many ladies sewed dresses and shorts for children so they'd find a new outfit in their shoebox on Christmas. Our teens from Student Ministry collected donations for shipping expenses at the exits on Sunday. And of course we can't fail to mention the set-up and tear-down crew as well as those who fed lunch to our volunteers who stayed to pack boxes.

The body of Christ ranging in age from 4-90+ years worked side-by-side so children around the world hear the good news of the gospel.  

Many times during the packing party, we stopped for 30 seconds to pray over the boxes in hand at that moment. You could have heard a pin drop as each of the hundreds of volunteers-- children included-- bowed their heads and prayed for the child who would receive that box. One little boy wanted to be sure a tissue was in the box he packed in case the child who opened the box had a runny nose. Another darling little girl personally selected several stuffed animals and placed them gently on the donation pile.  

Sometimes serving God is just pure fun.

This past weekend was one of those times. Thank you, Calvary, for every item you donated, every minute you helped, and every prayer you prayed. Millions of children will be impacted this Christmas, and a thousand of those will be touched by you. 

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Behind the Scenes Last Sunday

Sometimes God shows Himself in such powerful ways, you can actually feel it. 

This very thing happened this past Sunday morning. One person summed it up right before the 9:30 service when he said, "The second I walked in the door today, I could actually FEEL the presence of God in this place. He is here!" 

We felt that presence strongly all morning. Here is just a tiny snapshot of a few of the stories that have come across our desk since Sunday...

A group of 30+ teens joined us for the first time.

As part of another organization, we were visited by a group of over 30 teens who had never been to Calvary before. After the service where the gospel was so clearly presented, we gave this whole group a tour of our Student Center. They were absolutely blown away. We're praying that many of these young people will continue to feel drawn to our Student Center and that they may come to know Jesus as their Savior if they don't already. 

Speaking of the Student Center, one mom visited for the first time because her daughter comes on Wednesdays.

This mother told us that her daughter walks over from Lionville Middle School each Wednesday and has fallen in love with the Student Center. Because of this connection, this dear lady woke up Sunday morning and felt like she should give church a try. We had already been praying that God would draw people who woke up and felt like they should go to church. As a result, we were able to tell her that she was actually an answer to OUR prayers!

Monday afternoon we got the nicest email about the Student Center. 

It encouraged us so much, we contacted this mom to ask for permission to share what she wrote. She kindly said yes.

"Hi, My 13 year old son and I attended your service on Sunday. This was the first time he had gone to the middle school service. He was nervous but he was so welcomed by the members of this church! He has been struggling with church lately, as have I. We are from a Catholic background. After the service he asked me if this service for middle school is there every week. I told him yes and he said, 'Good I want to come back, can this be our thing to do on Sunday?' Pastor Lee, you talked about taking the church out of the building on Sunday, you did that with us on Sunday. We talked about the sermon in the car and at home. We signed up to help package the gifts next week. Thank you."

This Sunday we delve into the book of Romans.

It's an amazing opportunity to invite a friend to join you, so keep the stories from last Sunday in mind as you reach out to people God puts in your path. So many people are hurting and in need of Jesus. Changed lives are what it's all about, and Jesus is in the business of transforming!

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