Parent Child Dedication

Dedicating Your Child

We're happy you are thinking about dedicating your child to the Lord publicly at Calvary Fellowship! Just a couple of details you might want to know...

Parent Child Dedication in a Nutshell

This is a chance for you to show the congregation, your family, and your friends that you take raising your child seriously. You want your child to grow up to love and serve Jesus! You desire God's blessing on their lives, but you understand that it will take living for Christ in your home each and every day to raise a child who loves Him. 

We want you to know that this doesn't somehow absolve your child of original sin or put them in better standing with God. We do pray with you that your child will come to know Jesus as their own personal Savior at a young age, but that's a choice he or she will have to make on their own. 

We're Here to Support You

Being a parent is hard work, so we want to link arms with you in support of raising your child. After you fill out and submit the Child Dedication Form, we'll contact you for a time to meet briefly so we can answer any questions and help you proceed.

Parent Child Dedication Form