Small Groups

Everyone wants to be loved.

A small group can meet in a home, a restaurant, at church, or at work.  It's a place where you can make life-long friends. 

6 Week Small Group

For those looking to experience a taste of small group community, we invite you to try a 6-week small group where you can discuss the sermon series planned for October on Ecclesiastes called The Good Life. This will begin the week of October 15 through November 19. These groups will meet on various nights throughout the week in homes across our community.

Contact Pastor Mike Edelman to let him know of your interest and/or to get more information. We're also looking for people to facilitate these 6-week groups. You'll be provided with training and a weekly discussion guide to help facilitate the discussions.

OR, if you need a little more help, fill out our quick form to let us know you'd like someone to contact you about getting involved.

Coming in September a list of open Small Groups, you may join a Small Group at any time.

Small Groups Contact Form

Discipleship Tools

Those looking to become members of Calvary Fellowship are grounded in our 2-cross vision with a deep sense of how we are connected to the Lord and each other as members of God’s family (Ephesians 2:19).  We are Connected in Christ, Connected in Unity, Connected in Growth, Connected in Service and Connected through Prayer. These principals are also foundational for all those who are connected through our small group community.

The following tools will help to reinforce our 2-cross vision with a  focus on evangelism and discipleship through intentional relationships within the context of your small group.

CF Vision
2-Cross Vision
Living like a member of God's Family
Connected in Christ
Sharing Your Story
Yes to Jesus

Connected In Unity
CF Essential Doctrine
Bible Intake Methods
Connected in Growth
Growth through Intentional Relationships
The Wheel Illustration
Connected in Service
Following Jesus in Servanthood
Financial Stewardship
Connected Through Prayer
Connected Through Prayer
Intimate Fellowship with God
Our Model Prayer
Worship-based Prayer

Small Group FAQ's

Q: If a small group meets at my house, do I have to lead the discussion?

A: Usually a host home and a discussion leader do not coincide unless requested.

Q: If I join a small group but don't find that it's a good fit for me, am I stuck?

A: You are never obligated to stay in a group that isn't a good fit for you. People come and go frequently, so you don't have to worry about signing your life away.

Q: I have a crazy schedule, so I can't really commit to a weekly group. Do you have other options?

A: Some groups meet twice a month, or even once a month. We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule, but you can also let a group know you'll be unable to attend every time due to your schedule. It's no problem.

Q: I am (or have a friend who is) still searching spiritually. Can I attend a group, or will that be sort of weird?

A: Just indicate your spiritual search at the bottom of the form, and we'll try to put you in a group that you'll feel very comfortable in. It's a great place to bring your questions and concerns while you open the Word of God to find the answers.