Student Leadership Application

Student Leadership Application

"Is this for me?"

You might be right to apply for student leader if you answer yes to the following questions:

  1. I'm in 8th-12th grade in the fall of 2016
  2. I want to discover and use my spiritual gifts
  3. I want to do more than just coast along in the Christian life -- I want to DO something for Christ!

Did you answer yes? Then continue on...

A student leader leads strategic ministry events throughout the year. You'll participate in student leader meetings on the first Sunday of every month. You'll be asked to connect into "Plugged-In" (a deeper study/apologetic discussion), and you'll be expected to log weekly hours at the student center to help lead after school program.

Why would you participate?

Oh, man! This will change your life. Being a student leader:

  • Equips you to minister in an area you're excited and passionate about.
  • Gives you incredible leadership development
  • Lights a fire in your spiritual life
  • Is a chance to be mentored by other leaders/pastors
  • Last, but not least, gives you a chance to use your spiritual gifts.

Pray about this opportunity!

Please show us you're serious about this opportunity by thoughtfully answering the questions on the application. If you've answered similar questions on past applications, please go ahead and just answer them again for us.

When you're done, submit the form electronically and Pastor John will contact you about next steps for you.

As soon as you sense God is leading you to participate in this opportunity, fill out the form and Pastor John will contact you about next steps.

Student Leadership Application

Student Leadership Application
I have prayed about becoming a student leader*

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Have You Accepted Jesus as Your Personal Savior?*

Have You Ever Gone to Camp at Old Mill as a Leader?*

Do You Know Your Spiritual Gifts?*

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