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Upward Basketball + Cheerleading

Upward Sports is a global, Christ-centered sports program offering an encouraging teaching environment for basketball and cheerleading. Upward Sports athletes experience the 360 Progression, which is a uniquely designed sports experience that develops the total athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. It is modeled in Luke 2:52 – “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” The 360 Progression helps young athletes discover and develop the skills they need to perform both on and off the field or court. It also creates individuals of strong character, confidence, and faith.

We're thankful for the chance to let kids practice and play and for willing volunteers to work with these kids! 

If you're visiting this page as a parent to sign your child(ren) grades K-8 up for Upward Sports or to find more information, please do so here.

If you're interested in coaching Upward Basketball® or Cheerleading, please read the following and fill out the form below.

Thank you for your interest in coaching! The state mandates that you obtain a Security Clearance to work with children. We're happy to walk you through this process and help you fill out everything you need in order to obtain this clearance. You'll receive a lanyard at the end, and then you'll be ready for all the fun and excitement of Upward! 

This is the same security clearance that you need in order to volunteer with children at Calvary Fellowship, 95 West Devon Drive, Downingtown. If you've already completed the process to work with children at Calvary, you don't need to get any additional clearance. You're already set. 

If you have questions about whether or not you need to complete this process, please contact office personnel Cheryl Mercury at

Thank you!

*In the following form, please select "Upward Sports" when that field is available. This applies to both basketball coaching and cheerleading.

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Kindergarten through 8th grade


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Basketball Coaches Only

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Basketball Coaches Only

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Polo - basketball; V-neck - cheerleading

Please provide 2 references - Name, Email, Phone number. Please don't use family members. Please include one personal reference and one pastoral/ministry leader reference.

Have you put your faith in Jesus for salvation?*

Please briefly tell us if and how you have come to know Jesus and your Savior.

If you have any education, training, or past experience in working with children, we'd love to know! (Not a requirement)